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8-21-13 TNT TonyThis morning our favorite people were called in again.  These people at the call centers, banks, etc. are prepared. They tried again last night and it still wasn't 100%. Will they keep trying? Yes, until they get it right. It's back to a technical issue we didn't know about. The issue is going out to each branch. We don't know when it'll be fixed but they are prepared for it again. They're trying to get this done now. If they were going to wait until January or April, they wouldn't have been training all their people and calling them in everyday to work

 We talk to Iraq daily, their cards are loaded & they're spending money and they're saying they don't understand why we're not seeing it here. Contractors have the current 3.44 revalued rate.  They had a meeting and the rates have been agreed upon and we are waiting to hear the present rates today.   We heard from DC that the issue is with the system.  That is what I am hearing from our people as well. So we know it is in fact the case.  We have guys watching forex live in the middle of the night & for the last 3 nights, countries have been pinging like never before.  (Do you think this will go into September? No, they don't want it to go that far. 

 (Will the UST tell the banks the rates?)Yes, they are the final authority. They have given the rates and there are no holds on them, but they are waiting for the authorization codes to do the actual transactions.  (How confident are you we'll see the RV soon?)  I'm not because we should have seen this by now.  (Regarding the 30 days, could all of these delays the USA is causing affect that?)  No, it's not about a date, it's about a limitation on the CE, the 30 days is to prevent smuggling. (What's the latest rate you've heard on the VND?) Over $3. 

 (We know this can't drag on forever. If you had to bet on it, when is the latest you'd think we would RV?)  They could drag it on forever; now that the Iraqis have money things have calmed down.   I liked that pressure point. Now it's more political, even though they've agreed 4-5 times on the rates. But the longer we wait the higher the rates go. They're saying everything is done. 4-5 countries have sent in their people to help either fix the problem or observing to make sure we're not doing anything wrong.  


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Tony mentioned that when it RVs he will post the rate he got and something about different levels??
Is there something I need to subscribe to to get that info? I usually wait and get his info from Dinar Detectives and Dinar Recaps. Thank you!

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Forex rates to remain stable



Published On: Mon, Aug 19th, 2013



Vietnam’s dong-dollar exchange rate is to remain largely unchanged over the  rest of the year as the country now boasts fruitful currency sources, say  analysts.

The upward pressure on the exchange rate would continue until the  year-end, but growth would not exceed 1 per cent, say analysts

Vietnam’s foreign currency reserves were reported to have risen to some $30  billion in the early part of this year, up by more than $10 billion on the same  period last year.

By the end of 2013’s second quarter, foreign remittances going through Ho Chi  Minh City’s banks had surged 3 per cent on-year, reaching $1.9 billion.

The World Bank’s assessment revealed that the country’s foreign currency  reserves had doubled and lower inflation during the last two years had  underpinned a stable dong during the period.

Economist Dinh The Hien assumed that with an annual inflation rate of 6-6.5  per cent, the pressure on the exchange rate would be insignificant.

“The exchange rate should remain on an even keel until the year’s end and the  gap between official and parallel market exchange rates should close,” Hien  predicted.

According to international analysts, the State Bank’s devaluation of the dong  by 1 per cent against US dollars in late June did not reflect Vietnam’s foreign  currency tension.

“From 2011, Vietnam’s exports always surpassed those of their neighbours and  the country’s 16 per cent jump in export value in the year to date was quite  impressive. Vietnam could have a $5 billion current account surplus this year,  helping the dong to remain in a stable position in later part of 2013,” said a  source at asset management firm Dragon Capital, who declined to be named.

Similarly, the dong-dollar exchange rate would be pegged at VND21,800 by the  year-end, according to a recent HSBC forecast.

The average inter-bank dong-dollar exchange rate was set at VND21,036 on  August 16.

“My stance from early 2013 is that the exchange rate hike will be below 3 per  cent this year. The rate has risen by 1 per cent so far, so that from now until  the year’s end it may increase by another 1 per cent at most. The State Bank is  in a position to control the change,” said economist Tran Du Lich, member of the  National Financial and Monetary Policy Council.

According to Korea Investment & Securities’ Emerging Markets Department  director Yun Hang Jin, the upward pressure on the exchange rate would continue  until the year-end, but growth would not exceed 1 per cent, entailing low  profitability for foreign exchange investments.

“Foreign currency demand is highly unlikely to rise due to ample sources, and  this has led to depreciation in the dollar,” said Jin.


Read more:  http://dongtalk.com/forums/index.php/topic/11838-forex-rates-to-remain-stable/#ixzz2cQj5gi6SWhere do you get $3 for the VND.  Read the article, maybe people will stop believing you.


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Tony blows enough hot air, I should have him ride in our Hot air balloon, gosh we'd never run out of flight time !  

Just met a branch manager of Wells Fargo last night at a network meeting and I brought up the topic of a GCR, he had heard about it here n there a little, but said they have not had any major info about it and they certainly are NOT bringing in people all hours of the day to wait for something like this, have not had anyone in their parking lots waiting and in his honest opinion (and I do disagree with him on this) but he thinks thie whole thing is a scam.   He has had over 500 people this year come in to open up NIB accounts over this and he gladly takes the business, but he has not seen anything to prove to him there is any credibility behind this.   Could he be shining me?  Of course he could, maybe they are hiding it til the last minute and are forbidden to talk about it...?    His body langauge seemed pretty genuine though, but he also said, he's not allowed to give out financial advice of any kind either and wished me the best of luck.   

I don't doubt sooner or later the IQD will have value, but from all the stuff in the papers from overseas, this RV is a very long way off yet, probably at least a year or more.  I hope not, would love to have it, but there is no intel to support what these bozo's are talking about day in and day out.    Maybe one day their "SHEEPLE" will get tired to and start doing their own research, it really isn't that hard to find, you can use keywords on Google like:  IQD, Global currency reform, Nouri Al Maliki (amazing what you find under his name) and though the word Dinar Revaluation doesn't show much except blog posts by these guys, it does show you key word searches are quite helpful.   Then find the newspapers in the local cities.   Many are upwards of a week behind or more on articles, that is how it is over there though

GOOD LUCK SHEEPLE !  Glad you think the grass is greener over there.  

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Everything Tony says is pure BS.
Team West

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Katie,  as you stated, the links you provided are from previous cases.  However, this case at least is still ongoing.  The latest filing from Kansas District Court, (posted below) are from Anthony Renfrow's 04/18/2012 indictment for his involvement in a company called 14 daily plus.  

Filing Date#Docket Text
3/8/201333ORDER FOR CONTINUANCE AND DESIGNATION OF COMPLEX CASE as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox. Motions due by 10/7/2013. Response deadline 10/14/2013. Motion Hearing set for 10/21/2013 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 463 (CM) before District Judge Carlos Murguia. Excludable started as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox 2/25/13 thru 10/21/13. Signed by District Judge Carlos Murguia on 3/8/2013. (mm) (Entered: 03/08/2013)
If you lost money in the 14dailyplus scam please contact the appropriate authorities. Below is a list of the different agencies that should be contacted in order to further the criminal case against these individuals. 

If in Kansas:
Johnson County DA's office:
Tom Williams
Chief Investigator
100 N. Kansas, 5th Floor PO Box 728
Olathe Kansas 66061
(913) 715-3000
(913) 715-3050 (FAX)
email: tom.williams

Kansas Attorney General website:


As you can see, he received an order for continuance on March, 8 of THIS year.  Motions are due in October of THIS year.  So, yes.  Maybe he IS that stupid.

As an interesting side-note, someone is offering a 30k dinar reward to anyone who can "definitely prove" that this in fact a case involving TNT TONY.  The same reward is offered if you can disprove as well.  Here's the link: http://www.dinars.me/want-to-receive-30000-iraqi-dinars/

Personally, I think it's the same Anthony Renfro, and so do all the people were scammed by the internet fraud company 14 daily plus.

Go Article VIII !!

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"We talk to Iraq daily, their cards are loaded & they're spending money and they're saying they don't understand why we're not seeing it here. Contractors have the current $3.44 revalued rate.

Well Tony, since their loaded and spending money. I have a million IQD in hand and willing to sell it off at $3.00 can you please help me to find a Contractor.
If you can get the job done I am willing to pay you 30% commission. What say you!    
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