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Could someone pls. define what the NDA form is all about ?   Thanks
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If you believe the guru's, when the grand RV occurs and you're on the way to the bank to turn your dinar into USD, you will have to sign an NDA or risk prosecution. They (the guru's) indicate ALL the banks that do the Currency Exchange will have these NDA's.

If you believe others such as Kaperoni (who has shown in lot's of different ways there will NOT be a "grand RV"), the NDA's wouldn't exist because the value of the dinar will fluctuate and you can sell your dinar whenever you want to...  

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Are you askiing becasue you actually believe the frauds that claim to be under and NDA for years?  The same frauds that are compeltely incapable of telling the truth? 
Or are you askinng because you are conducting business where one is needed?
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