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9-7-13 TNT Tony: Good afternoon everyone.  I see you have had quite the morning on the boards and in the chat room.  Let me start by saying that I am thankful for each and every one of you, for being a member of TNTdinar. 

 This site was put together so that you may be able to choose for yourself (that's what adults do) what information you wanted to read about or listen to regarding the Iraq Dinar Revaluation. 

This is not a political site, a religious site and this is not a conspiracy site.  Now if one of these things become relevant to when the RV is about to occur or to the rate of the RV, please let us know.  Other than that, there are other sites on the internet to discuss these subjects.

Remember, in every subject, story or fabrication there is a little truth in all, if not they couldn't get you to believe any of it.

We will now and in the future, be removing any and all threads that approach these subjects.

(This was approved by Mrs. TNTdinar)

Now let's go on to what we are really here for.

Rates at the bank have returned to the double digits.

Bank personnel worked yesterday until about 11pm, hoping to see this activated.  It didn't and they are currently at home on standby, have been notified that they probably won't be called until Sunday afternoon.

Bank personnel have been notified that effective Sunday, there will be no days off/vacation for the next two weeks.  They can expect to work every day including the weekends.

I told you on Friday that there were no electronic system hangups and today there still are none.  The system has been completed and released.  The banks had the rates on the back screens on Wednesday, Thursday morning they were removed and Thursday evening they returned.  The system is working.

I told you that there were ego's involved in the past and that they had reached an agreement.  The problem is one of them is not living up to it, and the other is doing nothing about it.  They threaten to, but they just haven't.  The reason is that they too want the higher rate and the fact that right now this is about more than the RV.

There are still only 2 of the 3 letter groups that are able to do this final push of the button for the RV, either way (up or down/high or low), but now the rest of the world is involved in this other situation. 

 As of today they have once again been tied together and depend on decisions that are being made and will be made public by Tuesday.  I know you guys don't want me to get into any trouble, so let's stop right there.

The bottom line is that the RV is ready to go, but the time and decision now has nothing to do with the RV at all.  So we wait.  It could be over tomorrow or it could drag out until Tuesday. 

Plenty of people are upset that it didn't happen last night and are upset that it is being used in this manner, but the big picture (theirs not ours) is that they think they are doing what's best for us all.

Either way, we now know that all we are waiting for is the authorization.

Enjoy the rest of day and let's see what happens tomorrow. 

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Pure BS. RV will never happen. Tony - are you buying Dinar every time you say the RV is happening? You could be the world's first trillionaire.

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Tony: Please explain what a person would do everyday for two weeks (no time off)  when the Dinar has not been RV'd. Do they just sit around and discuss Syria? All I hear is that it should happen this weekend or the next week, over and over again. Don't you people get tired of saying the same thing over and over again. Why not just not ay anything until you get the real absolute go ahead? You never explain your sources yet alone validate them with (written evidence). Who are the people or the person that will say or wave their hand and say let us now activate the Dinar. No one Guru ever says what or who will press the final button. I think if you knew that or them you could ask them, huh? So why not go and ask them? THey are your sources right?

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Four weekends in a row the RV has been completed just waiting for the button to be pushed , could happen any moment, Possibly could be pushed out to Monday or Tuesday. Tuesday nothing will happen and the new pump for the next weekend will begin on Wednesday Its getting very very old!!!

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Bwahaha...it doesn't work that way. What financial system from what planet is he speaking about ?

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Let me guess the weekend excuse, the big egos of the main players because they want a better rate.  Your sources are trying to keep us content with greed.  It is not working.  Like you said the best believable story all ways has some elements of truth to the story.  Question for you, is the Rv being held hostage because no one in the world wants to back Obama in attacking Syria. 


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2fordinar:  I have the button. If I push it now, it would make all these idiots look like they know something. So, I am just going to sit on it a while until they shut up. Besides, they need a few more months to push those double dinar options. [rofl]

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Ok, I did a bit of looking the other day..So TNT Tony we all know has no intel.  He is nothing more than a showman for profit with a vivid imagination at story telling.   But here is the kicker, he has a DONATE button on his site.

Now I find that rather comical.  So he is asked his members (forums show over 16,000 registered since he owned his own site) to pay him to lie to them.  Is that a classic or what?  If it was not bad enough that everything Tony says is utter nonsense, but he now wants his members to financially reward him for that load of crap.  I find that outrageous.


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My feeling is there are many message boards out there and conference calls. If you believe an RV will come, then you're only difference in the rate or timing.  If it happens, you should still be rewarded far above what you could get elsewhere. I listened to the call. I believe the hosts have invested a lot in Dinar and are worried their investments may not paid off. What they are taking a different approach. They are trying to see what it would take to have a complete and comprehensive system to completely bring up the Iraqi Government.  They are going with the assumption the IMF would not approve an RV until they are confident all systems are in place.  They are also coming from a standpoint that if there is no RV that the changes they are looking for will by themselves increase the value of the Dinar.  Their concern is that Iraq has no Monetary and investment laws, has not reached an agreement of profit sharing of oil among the different Providences and HCL.  These are actually similar to what Adam Montana is also looking for. They have a different perspective and are charging ahead with the assumption more work needs to be done that before an RV. I do agree, if they disagree that strongly they can use words to more effectively get across their points. I personally feel it may happen this year, but cannot predict when.  I say that because I personally have no access to any information in this area other than what I read.   
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