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1-19-14 Generals64 Newsletter 1st QTR2014. http://generals64.info/board/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=785
G.I. Joe

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A while ago a bunch of us signed up and gave our totals. I didn't get a test message back, so if it hits, how do any of us know were on the list?

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How do we leave info I can't find an email. Can you please help me if you have one?
Thank you
currency detective

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Gi Joe.

Their is no "list" of anything. The only list there is, is a list of fools who keep believing this daily load of crap

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I have only received one email after signing up and that was sent out to me on 10/02/2013 did not receive this update in my email. I wonder if I will ever be contacted by KCMANA or generals64 group, am I even still on their list to contact [confused]
G.I. Joe

Registered: 08/02/13
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So now your saying I'm a fool. So let the War begin. Oh Great Tard, maybe you can in lighten us with your wisdom. Show us your great Knowledge!!! We all wait to see what the Mighty currency detective knows!!!
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